boarding, walking & holistic care

Meredith has always had a deep love and connection for animals since she was a child, she used to volunteer at the Jersey Animal shelter during her High School years and was always surrounded by pets growing up. As an adult she first had her dog walking company under another name but merged when she met her husband Jason and decided to grow it into a family business. Meredith is Certified in First Aid and CPR for Pets and is Certified in Dog and Small Animal Naturopathy and as a Behavioral Counselor. She is currently volunteering with the GSP Rescue of NJ/NY and starting as an advisor with the American Dog Society.

Meet the Team

Jason is a certified trainer that uses a combination of old proven practices to up to date new techniques. It's all positive reinforcement training to build that ultimate bond with your dog. Specifically designed programs to give you the ability to train your dog with his guidance. J&M is here to give you the tools you need to have a trained dog and a great household addition. Our primary goal is the success of you training your dog and building that bond.

"As a trainer I am here for you and your dog and will guide you along throughout the program and answer all your questions."- Jason