20-30 minute walks per visit & fresh water given at every visit plus a snack of your approval

Either a note or text (with pictures) of how your dog was during our visit and of course lots of play and love always given!

Once your dog is a J&M Dog they are part of our family!

Meredith is certified as a naturopath and well versed in raw diets, oils and much more. Everything starts from the inside out and prolongs the longevity of our pets. She also believes that along with naturopathy, there is also a time when allopathic medicine and treatments are necessary  there is a time for everything.   Contact us if you are interested in learning more on natural remedies.

Holistic Care



boarding, walking & holistic care

Dog Walking

Dog Training

In-house Boarding: We take your dog in to our smoke free home to enjoy life with us and our dogs while you are away. Your dog will enjoy their stay as our guest who gets the same love and attention as our very own. They are free to run in our fenced in yard with lots of play time and socialization. We also, take care of pick up and drop off of your dog.

Dogs must be up on all shots and have a great temperament.

Boarding at your home: We also provide this service for dogs that may be more comfortable in their own home. Meredith will stay in the home with the dog the entire visit, we ask for time of departure and arrival.

We do not take aggressive dogs. 

We will come to your home to help you with your training issues. House training issues, pulling on a leash, counter surfing or stealing food and much more. Call us for needs! 

Our most popular class, a 4 week private in home lesson for obedience training, this class is for dogs from 4 months of age and up. This is a basic to advanced class that gives you all the tools you need to have a completely trained dog that even works on off leash skills and manners . We like to take this program outdoors for distraction training, as well.
This course takes time but we do our best to keep it to 4 weeks with you meeting our trainer for 1 hour a week to show you how to train your dog and give you the help you need. You need to work with your dog 15-20 minutes a day to have a well trained dog.  Call us to speak to our trainer about this program.

OTHER ADVANCE TRAINING: Off leash skills and courses, hand signals, walk nice on a leash, & preparation for canine good citizen.  Some training does require a training collar although we simple teach the dog how to respond to it using positive reward.

Hunting Dogs 
We can help with your needs for hunting with proper gun introduction to getting on birds and retrieval skills. These programs are pretty long and may take a few months. A hunting dog cannot be

trained overnight. Call for availability
Hearing Impaired Dogs- contact us for information!
BOARD AND TRAIN- coming soon!